Light Bracket Install Instruction

Mounting notes:

  • Note mounts are left and right-handed
  • Metal light brackets are identical
  • Mounts are design for the mounting location shown. This is directly in front of the horns.
  • Install with center notch facing down
  • Ensure clamp levers rotates to grab backside of grill
  • Do not over tighten
  • Morimoto 4Banger brackets come with four 6mm stainless steel washers. These mounts are thinner stainless steel and washers are required to keep M6 bolts from bottoming in light body.

Wire routing option..

  • With the frunk trim and tub removed it is possible to reach the horn mount bolts.
  • By loosening the horn mounts (T27 Torx), you can pass the light wires between the horn and the grill. There is a nice foam gasket to cushion the wires.

Note bracket mounts through the top and third row of the grill slots.

See picture below

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