Trigger 4Plus install

Trigger 4Plus install

Installing the Trigger 4Plus wireless controller

Lowering to lowest ride height. It makes reaching over an into the frunk cavity much easier.

Remove all items from your frunk including the flip up divider.

Now it's time to remove the four trim panels surrounding the frunk tub. The front trim was the easiest of course being held on with magnets. Why couldn’t they do the same for the others. A longer trim panel removal tool is helpful in removing the side and rear trim panels. Even with a tool you will very likely break one or two clips. The two push clips in the side trim panels at the lower corners of the windshield will be a total loss. Very hard to remove with ruining the push clip.

You can order an inexpensive assortment of panel clips from Amazon. Picture below of the kit in the Amazon link. The circled items are the replacement clips you will need.

Time to remove the frunk. Start with disconnecting the left and right wire frunk harnesses then remove the six M6 bolts (10mm hex) that mount the frunk and lift out the frunk.

One last panel clip to remove on the lower windshield trim on the passenger side. Green circle in picture below.

Slide 6mm panel clip nut (provided with mount kit) onto metal bracket you removed the panel clip from.

Remove lefthand thread frunk tub spacer. Red circle in picture above. You will not reuse.

Slide bracket between lower windshield trim plastic metal bracket with 6mm panel clip nut.

Use one of the frunk tub bolts to align front of the bracket.

Insert 6mm X 25mm bolt with washer (included in mount kit) through rear mounting hole and tighten.

Before mounting the Trigger 4Plus crimped on the power (+) and ground (-) terminals and extended the yellow 12v switch wire. This easier to do on the bench.

Now to install the Trigger 4Plus controller.

First route the four output cables down and under the large truck wire harness / connectors.

Use the four M3 x 10 screws to mount the Trigger 4Plus to the mount plate.

On my early vin R1 I have two 12vdc batteries and the placement of the Trigger 4Plus is close enough to the passenger battery (yellow rectangle in picture) so there is no need for extending the power (+) wire.

For ground (-) I removed the paint from around an unused hole in the cross member (green box in pic) and attached the ground lead from the Trigger 4Plus

For 12 vdc yellow switch wire I sleeved it in ~1/4” nylon braid and routed as indicated by the orange lines in the picture below.

You can then use a wiretap to connect to a switched 12vdc source. I followed a rivianforum post and used the pink wire in the frunk tub connector which on my R1 is frunk 12vdc outlet. See picture below.

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